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Contests, Fashion & Health  |  01.10.11
We received a record number of entries to our New York Fashion Week Internship Contest this season, making it especially...more > More >
Contests, Fashion & Health  |  01.10.11
As everyone knows, you can’t just go to a fashion week show — you have to be invited. As the...more > More >
Contests, Fashion & Health  |  12.06.10
The first round of the internship contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered — we will be...more > More >
Entertainment, Fashion & Health  |  10.22.10
FIJI Water has teamed up with the UK’s most stylish guide to nightlife, shopping, and entertainment, We Heart. Starting October...more > More >
Fashion & Health  |  09.21.10
Another season, another Fashion Week come and gone. FIJI Water’s PR team is recovering after an intense eight days. Our...more > More >
Fashion & Health  |  09.14.10
Zang Toi is recognized as one of the most original fashion designers in the world. Zang Toi is originally from...more > More >
Fashion & Health  |  09.08.10
In the run-up to the start of the fall fashion season, we caught up with one of our interns from...more > More >
Fashion & Health  |  09.03.10
Time to throw on your Louboutins, people! New York Fashion Week is less than a week away, which means that...more > More >
Contests, Fashion & Health  |  08.25.10
The final votes have been tallied, and we are now ready to announce the winners of the FIJI Water Fall...more > More >